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A quick fix to getting yourself visible on Google is by paying for ads. There is a huge variety of options available when it comes to Google ads.


Back in the day, you'd have paid for an advert in a magazine and wouldn't know if the relevant parties were looking for it.

Today, we can be a little more clever!


With Google Ads, we can choose to only spend your hard earned money on displaying adverts to people who have actually searched for your product/service... and not only that, we only pay for those who are so invested they've actually clicked on your advert.

This is known as 'Pay Per Click' advertising and whilst having your website at the top of Google organically (with some fantastic SEO work) is ideal, it's not always that quick or easy to do.

The quickest way to get your website displayed is through the power of Google Ads.

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So we know it's possible to show our adverts to those who've searched our relevant search terms, but what about reaching out to those who might not have realised your company is exactly what they're looking for?

We can also push ads out to a variety of different audiences and because it's Google, again, it can be pretty smart.

We can even show your advert to anyone who's clicked on competitors' websites.

Perhaps you sell horse equipment? We can display your ad to those who have recently visited The Horse & Hound website.

The possibilities are endless, get in touch to discover more.

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